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Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction takes time and a whole-body focus. That’s because every component of your body, including your emotional and mental health, is impacted by addiction. That’s why we offer a full holistic detox center. This is a location where you can heal fully and start on the path of recovery with confidence. Our drug and alcohol detox prepares you for a future that’s healthy and bright. At United Recovery Project, we’re confident you can see the improvement you desire.

What Is a Holistic Detox Center?

holistic detox program in floridaA holistic detox center aims to provide the best level of healing and recovery for the body during the detoxification process. Detox itself is a natural process without any real way to speed it up. While there are medications to treat symptoms, that’s not always what people want. In our treatment center, you’ll gain help with:

  • Cravings
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Trouble with sleeping
  • Tremors

We work with you to support your body and brain to help stop the onset of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. You feel better using our services.

Is a Holistic Addiction Treatment Center Right for You?

Our goal is to provide for all of your needs during treatment. We encourage people who have used drugs or alcohol for a long time and those who use highly addictive drugs to pursue detox. During detox, your body works to remove the toxins from these substances safely. That is the first step.

From there, it’s also beneficial for most people to seek out ongoing treatment. Addiction treatment does not just mean detoxing but also through therapy to gain the confidence and skills needed to support full recovery. Addiction treatment within our luxury treatment program creates many opportunities for healing, including through addiction therapy programs such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy programs
  • Music therapy programs
  • Nature therapy programs

The care we offer is a combination of evidence-based therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and holistic treatment. Art and music therapy, for example, can help with the healing process, provide a way to open up and create a new way type of expression. It is this type of combination of care that enables our team to meet all of your goals.

Why should you choose a holistic detox center? In traditional detox programs, you’ll gain ample support to simply stopping the use of alcohol and drugs. You will feel better by doing that. However, addiction creates damage within the body, both physically and mentally. We can address this damage during dual diagnosis treatment and encourage a reduction in inflammation, stress, and anxiety. We can also help you to manage whatever trauma or life circumstances may have put you on the path towards using drugs and alcohol. It’s whole-person healing at its best.

What to Expect from Your Medical Detox Center in Florida

United Recovery Project is proud to be there to support you on your journey to becoming healthy. We do this by providing you with insight and support, innovative therapies, and the medical care you need. As a medical detox location, we have professionals available to help with medical needs should they occur, especially during the detox process.

A holistic detox center enables full healing. It creates an opportunity for you to start working on rebuilding your life, improving your health, and creating a new way forward that does not rely on drugs or alcohol.

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As a comprehensive, holistic substance abuse treatment center, United Recovery Project is here to support your recovery by focusing on the whole body and person. Our team of dedicated, experienced professionals can provide you with exceptional support starting right away. Learn more about our services and programs when you call 954.429.5026 or connect with us now online.